The following workflow is a conclusion of the video:

from Mu Li of Amazon

flowchart TB next("another paper") subgraph p1 ["Pass 1(Selection)"] direction LR title[Title] abs[Abstract] conc[Conclusion] FaT["Figures and Tablets"] title-->abs-->conc--> FaT end p1.-> dec{Decision}.->|"stop(low quality or\nlow relation)"| next dec.->|"go on"| p2 subgraph p2 ["Pass 2(Selection)"] direction TB int_cit["Introduction:\nSome important Citations" ] method_ME["Method:\nwithout Math and Engineering\nfocus on figures and tablets"] end p2.->dec2{Decision} dec2.->|"too hard to understand,\n go to one of\n the citations\nin introduction"| next dec2.->|"stop(not useful or\nnot need to\nunderstand all)"| next subgraph p3 ["Pass 3(Investigation)"] direction TB ew("Every single words of the paper\nand think about if I will do the\nsame things as the authors\ndid and what we can do next") code[Code it] end dec2 .->|"go on"| p3.->next