About Me

Hi, I’m Anthony Tan(谭升). I am now living in Shenzhen, China. I’m a full-time computer vision algorithm engineer and a part-time individual reinforcement learning researcher. I have had a great interest in artificial intelligence since I watched the movie “Iron man” when I was a middle school student. And to get deeper into these subjects, I’d like to apply for a Ph.D. project on reinforcement learning in the following years. So far, I’ve learned and reviewed some papers that are necessary for reinforcement learning research, and some mathematics, like calculus, linear algebra, probability, and so on.

However the bigger one in the picture is me, Tony, and the smaller one is my dog, Potato(He was too young to take a shower when we took the picture, and now he is no more a dirty puppy😀)

Why the blogs

These blogs here are used to simply explain what I have learned, according to the Feyman Technique. And blogging what I’ve just learned is the most important part of learning. The whole process is:

  1. Choosing a concept or theory I would like to know(collecting necessary materials )
    1. Outlining what prior knowledge of this concept or theory
    2. Taking note of this prior knowledge
  2. Try to explain the new theory to readers of the website without any new words and concepts in the theory (draft)
  3. Go back to the source and fill in the gap in understanding
  4. Simplify the explaining(rewrite and post)

What in blogs

These blogs contain:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Neuroscience
  3. Algorithms
    1. Deep Learning
    2. Reinforcement Learning

And some of these posts might also be represented by videos on my YouTube channel.